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    Dazhong Electric Motor

    Jiangsu DaZhong Electric Motor Co.,Ltd

    Jiangsu Dazhong Electric Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dazhong Electric Motor or" Company ") is a national high-tech enterprise established in 1958, with a registered capital of 220 million yuan and total assets of 1.01 billion yuan. It is a modern and intelligent factory that integrates motor research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and services.

    At present, the company has 1680 employees, 68% of whom are professional technicians (26% of whom have high and intermediate technical titles), covers an area of 400000 square meters, and has an annual production capacity of 800000 sets/12 million kilowatts. Its leading products are various high-efficiency energy-saving high-low voltage motors, high-efficiency flame-proof motors, special motors, permanent magnet motors, new energy motors and other synchronous/asynchronous generators. Its products are mainly used in power stations, metallurgy, coal mines, machinery, petroleum, chemicals, ships In the fields of transportation, water conservancy, cement, papermaking, environmental protection, etc., it leads the mainstream international and domestic markets, supporting many national key engineering projects, and is also exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States. The company ranks among the top three in terms of scale and comprehensive economic benefits in the industry, with explosion-proof motor products having the highest market share and ranking first among the top ten explosion-proof motor brands in China in 2019. The domestic market share of first-class energy efficiency motors reached 30%.

    The company has taken the lead in passing international management system certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO50001, as well as Green Star products and 5A level after-sales service system certifications in the same industry. It has successively obtained CCC national mandatory product certification, CQC product certification, EU CE certification, ATEX certification, IEC-Ex certification, American CC, UL certification, Canadian CSA/CUS certification in important fields such as industry, fire protection, coal mining, and petrochemical, which have been issued by the country and industry Russia's GOST certification, energy-saving certification, MA coal safety certification, SMA metrology certification, CCS and other nine major marine certifications.

    The company has established provincial-level enterprise technology centers, provincial-level engineering technology research centers, provincial-level engineering centers, and postdoctoral innovation practice bases. It has a first-class intelligent and digital manufacturing factory in China, and multiple workshops have been rated as provincial-level intelligent demonstration workshops. We have achieved over 100 scientific and technological achievements, undertaken 10 national and provincial level scientific research projects, owned 26 provincial-level high-tech products, obtained 66 patents, and obtained 5 software copyrights; Possess 29 registered trademarks both domestically and internationally; Led or participated in the formulation of 60 national and industry standards, and formulated 76 enterprise standards. The series of products have won the first prize of the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award four times, as well as the "Jiangsu Province Excellent New Product", "Jiangsu Province Key Promotion and Application of New Technology New Product", and the "Enterprise Standard Leader Certificate". The energy efficiency upgrade of the products has been listed in the National Catalogue of Benefiting the People and the National Catalogue of Energy Saving Mechanical and Electrical Products for many consecutive years, and their technological research and innovation strength is at the international advanced and domestic leading level, We have made positive contributions to promoting technological innovation and transformation and upgrading in the motor industry.

    The company has successively won the titles of "National Inspection Exempt Product", "National Quality Trusted Product", "China Famous Brand Product", "China Famous Trademark", "China Top 500 Machinery Enterprise", "China's Most Competitive Enterprise in Electrical Industry", "National Quality Integrity Enterprise", "National Industrial Brand Cultivation Demonstration Enterprise", "National High tech Enterprise", "National Green Factory", and "National Green Supply Chain" National Green Design Products, National Standardization Good Industry AAAA Enterprise, Patent Standard Integration Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, National Contract and Credit Abiding Enterprise, Jiangsu Fine Products, Jiangsu Famous Trademark, Jiangsu Famous Brand Products, Jiangsu Private Science and Technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Quality Credit AAA Enterprise, Jiangsu Key Cultivated and Developed International Famous Brand in Jiangsu Province The "Key Enterprise R&D Institution of Jiangsu Province", "Jiangsu Province Industry Education Integration Cultivation Enterprise", and "Jiangsu Province Governor Quality Award" are recognized by the National Economic and Trade Commission as the "Export Base of Electric Motor Products".

    Dazhong Electric always adheres to the factory mission of "committed to scientific research and intelligent manufacturing of energy-saving motors in China, becoming a leader in high-end manufacturing in the motor industry", has always been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, and promotes the core values of "integrity, cooperation, innovation, and quality". We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and satisfactory services to users in various industries, and making unremitting efforts to achieve the revitalization and development of national enterprises!

    Sales Network

    • North China
    • Central China
    • Northeast China
    • Northwest China
    • Southwest Region
    • South China
    • East China
    Beijing Office

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    Social Responsibility

    Throughout its journey, Dazhong Electric cannot do without the good business environment created by the government and the strong support of various sectors of society, which has always been deeply felt by Dazhong.

    Dazhong believes that enterprises not only have economic and legal responsibilities, but also should shoulder necessary social responsibilities and make due contributions in promoting social progress, improving people's livelihoods, and promoting sustainable environmental development.

    Taking advantage of society and repaying society is the original intention of Da Zhong, and it is also the source of Da Zhong's innovation vitality and competitive advantage.

    • Sustainable Development

      Dazhong always regards taking on social responsibility as an important guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises. While committed to its own development, it takes industry as its own responsibility to serve the country, actively fulfilling public responsibilities, civic obligations, and adhering to ethical norms. Adhering to the corporate tenet of "creating excellence and serving society", we elevate our business behavior to the level of serving society and play a leading role in the process of public responsibility and public welfare support.

    • Environmental Protection

      The company has always focused on the research and development of efficient and energy-saving motors, actively responding to the implementation of the GB18613-2020 standard promoted by the country, and optimizing and upgrading the current product structure. In recent years, multiple ultra high efficiency motors developed have obtained China Energy Conservation Certification, and the product efficiency has reached first level energy efficiency.

    • Enhancing Employment

      Employment is an important cornerstone of social stability, and talent is the first element of enterprise development. Large and medium-sized enterprises adhere to attracting and retaining talents with competitive salary and benefits, a good work environment, and broad growth space. As of now, large and medium-sized enterprises have provided more than 3000 direct employment positions to society, creating about 12000 job opportunities through the multiplier effect of the industrial chain.

    • Caring Society

      Da Zhong is enthusiastic about public welfare and actively organizes donations and donations during the epidemic prevention and control period; Enthusiastic about environmental protection and organized multiple environmental public welfare actions; Emphasize the promotion and implementation of positive energy, and continuously strengthen the education of internal socialist core values.

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